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Benefits to Forming a Corporation

You can benefit from forming a corporation, even if you are not a big business. It may be a surprise to learn that many corporations are small. In fact, the benefits of forming a corporation outweigh the benefits of being a sole proprietorship. Opting to file as a corporation is cost and time efficient. Other advantages in forming a corporation are as follows--

Your business debt risk is lowered. If you run a general partnership or a sole proprietorship, your debts accumulate. You are personally liable for your business debts, which puts your personal property at risk. But when you choose to incorporate your business, being incorporated will keep your assets much more safe because the corporation provides its owners, or shareholders, with coverage of limited liability protection. In other words, the corporation owner’s personal obligation for the debt greatly decreases and stops any creditors from possibly seizing any of your personal assets, such as your home, property, etc., in order to satisfy any business debts.

Savings on taxes. Your tax advisor or personal accountant can inform you regarding tax benefits for corporations. As an example, corporate income is exempted from life insurance and Social Security, as well as not being liable for Workers’ Compensation. Furthermore, corporations can enjoy the benefit from health insurance deductions on health insurance payments made by the shareholder/owner.

Extensive duration. The lifetime of corporations is most likely longer than the life of sole entrepreneurship. In cases where the controlling shareholder(s) sells the business interest, the corporation can still continue to do business. In fact, the life of the corporations is independent of the shareholder(s), even after the death of the shareholder(s).

Greater credibility. When establishing a new business venture, credibility is an issue of importance with potential partners, staff, clients and suppliers. Credibility is achieved easier for corporations as opposed to sole proprietorships, as well as companies and partnerships that are less formal.

Retirement plans. For corporations, retirement plans are activated much more easily as compared to general partnerships. Retirement funds are also easily within the reach of corporations.

Creating funds for business. Businesses that are incorporated have more credibility with banks; otherwise it can be more difficult to secure capital. If your business is incorporated, you will gain credibility with bank managers and clients who will be more favorably impressed with your business.

Transfer of ownership. A business that’s incorporated (except S corporation ownership) has easy access to a transfer of ownership.

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