Foreign Qualification

Foreign Qualification

A corporation or LLC is classified as domestic only within the state that is was formed.

You might do businesses outside of your formation state, depending on the needs that are particular to your business. Your company is considered a foreign entity by all states other than your home state—where you initially formed your business.

You are required to registered as a foreign corporation or LLC if you wish to conduct business in another state. Also, your company will likely need to appoint a registered agent in each state of qualification. CCA is able to prepare and file all the necessary paperwork for you.

Our Foreign Qualification Service Includes:

  • Obtaining a certificate of good standing.
  • Payment of the initial state fee.
  • Preparation of the certificate of authority.

Our service fee for a foreign qualification is $75.00 (plus the state qualification and certificate of good standing fees).

  • 20+ Years of Professional Experience

    Since 2002, CCA serves as a registered agent to over 9,000 businesses.

  • State Certified Registered Agent

    We are certified by the California Secretary of State as an official registered agent under Section 1505.

  • Compliance Monitoring Included

    We will remind you of the annual reporting requirements and other important deadlines.

  • No Contracts or Hidden Fees

    Our registered agent fee is fixed at $50 per year – no price increases, ever.