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In addition to our registered agent services, we offer a variety of compliance and corporate services:

Foreign Qualification

A Corporation or LLC is considered to be domestic only in the State in which it was formed. Depending on the particular needs of the business, you may expect to transact business outside of the State of Incorporation or LLC Formation. In all other states, your company will be regarded as a foreign corporation or LLC.


A corporation is the most common corporate structure. It is a legal entity separate from its owners. A major advantage to incorporating is that it limits the personal liability of the owners for claims against the corporation.

Form an LLC

LLCs, by default, are taxed as pass-through entities, which means the business itself doesn’t file taxes. Instead, members report their shares on their personal tax returns. This yields a considerable advantage over corporations, which are often subject to double-taxation.

Change Registered Agents

You can save hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars in annual registered agent fees while providing personalized service customized to meet the specific needs of your company. Our registered agent fee is fixed at $50 per year – no price increases, ever.

  • 20+ Years of Professional Experience

    Since 2002, CCA serves as a registered agent to over 9,000 businesses.

  • State Certified Registered Agent

    We are certified by the California Secretary of State as an official registered agent under Section 1505.

  • Compliance Monitoring Included

    We will remind you of the annual reporting requirements and other important deadlines.

  • No Contracts or Hidden Fees

    Our registered agent fee is fixed at $50 per year – no price increases, ever.