Privacy Notice Table of Contents:

  • Our Commitment to Privacy
  • The Information We Collect
  • The Way Your Information is Utilized
  • Our Commitment to Data Security
  • Choice / Opt-Out
  • Use of Cookies
  • How You Can Access or Correct Your Information
  • Changes in Privacy Policy
  • How to Contact Us

Our Commitment to Privacy

Our company, California Corporate Agents, is dedicated to protecting and respecting all of our customer’s and guest’s privacy. The proceeding policies are applicable to all our customers who use our online order form, those who subscribe to our newsletter and all visitors to our web site. It is our pledge to you that all your personal information will be guarded according to our privacy policy, and that we will respect and keep confidential all data from our subscribers and visitors that is submitted to our company, California Corporate Agents.

In an effort to protecting your privacy we provide this notice of explanation of our information practices online and your options regarding the various ways that your information is collected and used. For your convenience, we’ve made this information accessible on our home page and whenever your personal information is requested.

The Information We Collect

This notice is regards all the information that is submitted or collected on the web site of the California Customer Information, such as your name, email/home address, telephone number, fax number, and credit or debit card information.

Corporate Agents. You’ll see on our website a variety of pages in which you’ll be able to register to receive materials, make various requests or order our services.

Corporate Information, such as your business name and address, information about your officers, members, directors, registered agents and stockholders.

The Way Your Information is Utilized

We utilize your personal information you provided when you place an order solely to complete that order. Your information is not shared with any outside parties in any way other than in completing your order.

When you provide information regarding another person, we use this information only in regards to shipping document s and confirming delivery. Again, this information is not shared with any outside party other than in completing your order.

Return email addresses are used in order to answer received emails. These email addresses are not shared with outside parties or used for any other purpose.

If you’d like to receive our newsletter or updates regarding our services and products, you must register with our website. Otherwise, if you don’t fill out the registration form that’s on our website, the information you submit won’t be used for this purpose.

In an effort to improve the design on our website and to share it with advertisers, we employ aggregate and non-identifying information. For instance, we may inform an advertisers that X number of men and Z number of men filled out our registration form, or that Y number of people visited a particular part of our website, but no personal information whatsoever is revealed that would identify any of these individuals.

Lastly, we do not share or utilize any identifiable or personal information that is disclosed on our website in any way that is not relative to the previous points addressed above without giving you the opportunity to opt out and prohibit any unrelated use of your information.

Our Commitment to Data Security

We utilize appropriate managerial, electronic and physical procedures in order to securely safeguard online information that we collect in an effort to ensure the correct use of this information, prevent unauthorized access and maintain data accuracy

We also utilize SSL (or Secure Socket Layering) which encrypts all your personal information, to include your credit card number, before it is transferred via the Internet. This technology is the industry standard that creates online transactions that are secure. We maintain all of our customer information on our computer data and store it in securely protected areas that are only accessible to certain personnel.

Choice / Opt-Out

Users on our website have the option of opting out of email marketing communications that are sent out from our company at the step when visitors are asked to submit their information.

Use of Cookies

This site uses both “session and permanent” cookies. The definition of a cookie is a tiny data file that is stored on a computer’s hard drive by the web browser. These cookies assist us in recognizing who and when a person visits our site through an association of identification numbers in the cookie and the numbers that a visitor has provided our company with. Our secure database stores this customer information. With the use of cookies, we’re able to understand how a visitor clicked on our website as well as to see what pages the visitor clicks on during his visit to our website.

How You Can Access or Correct Your Information

You are able to access any of your personally identifiable information that is collected on our website when you log into your client area. This procedure is used in order to keep your information safe and secure. Should there be any errors in your personal identity information; corrections can be made by sending us a request.

In order to keep your private information protected, we take steps in verifying your identity before granting access and making any corrections.

Changes in Privacy Policy

Our company, California Corporate Agents reserves the right to making occasional changes in our Privacy Policy. We will notify any individuals that may be affected by any change in the way we utilize information that we collect within 30 days prior of such activity via email. We will also post any change or revised privacy notice on our website’s home page

Last Updated 3/1/2016