A Corporation or LLC is classified as domestic only within the State that it was formed.

You might do business outside of your state of Incorporation or LLC Formation, depending on the needs that are particular to your business. Your company is considered a foreign Corporation or LLC by all the outside states that you do business in.

You are required to register as a foreign Corporation or LLC in the particular state if you desire to be qualified to make business transactions in another State. Also, most states require your company to hire a registered agent in each state of qualification. In order to qualify your business as a foreign Corporation, CCA is able to prepare and file all the necessary paperwork for you.

Our Foreign Qualification Service Includes:

  • Obtaining a certificate of good standing.
  • Payment of the initial state fee.
  • A name availability search in the state of qualification.
  • Preparation of the certificate of authority.

Our service fee for a foreign qualification is $75.00 (plus the state qualification and certificate of good standing fees).