In addition to our registered agent services, we offer a variety of compliance and corporate services:

Foreign Qualification

A Corporation or LLC is considered to be domestic only in the State in which it was formed. Depending on the particular needs of the business, you may expect to transact business outside of the State of Incorporation or LLC Formation. In all other States, your company will be regarded as a foreign corporation or LLC.


A corporation is the most common corporate structure. It is a legal entity separate from its owners. A major advantage of any corporate form is that it limits the personal liability of the owners for claims against the corporation.

Form an LLC

LLCs can elect to be taxed like partnerships, only at the individual level when profits are paid as dividends. This yields a considerable advantage over C corporations, which are subject to double-taxation.


In order to formally alter, add to, or delete from your existing provisions of the Articles of Incorporation, amendment documents are required to be filed with the Secretary of State's Office of where the business entity was first formed.

Corporate Kits

Following the formation of your corporation, our corporate kit helps you manage the corporate legalities and formalities such as adopting by-laws, holding annual meetings of shareholders, and issuing shares of stock in order to keep in good standing as a corporation.


Business owners are responsible for a large amount of corporate filings from every governmental bureaucratic body. Filling out these forms takes a lot of time and energy. CCA is familiar with all the necessary paperwork to keep a business fully compliant in California

Change Registered Agents

You can save hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars in annual registered agent fees while providing personalized service customized to meet the specific needs of your company. Our registered agent fee is fixed at $50 per year - no price increases, ever.